ORDER ARMS LLC gets the job done right!

Welcome to the ORDER ARMS LLC website.  We understand that there are times when home owners are in need of making small and large repairs to their homes.  Whether it is something that has just happened, or it is something that has been put off for a while, the repair is needed.

Calling on a professional to help can sometimes be troublesome and even stressful.  Getting prompt, courteous, reliable service isn’t always easy.  We hope that this website will enable you to make an informed decision about potentially calling on us, to assist you in your home repair needs.

We not only repair homes, but we make every attempt at making the repair as good, if not better than the original condition.  It’s important to us, to ensure that you are confident in our abilities to tackle your repairs and that you are ultimately satisfied with the end result.
Our motto is “We won’t leave until YOU’RE happy.”

Remodeling particular areas of your home is something that a lot of home owners are considering these days.  The high cost of moving and the expense of a brand new home are sometimes too much.  Money can be well spent by simply upgrading appliances, redecorating rooms, adding a room or deck, or remodeling baths and kitchens. 

We take the time to discuss all of your remodeling ideas, get them down on paper and work within your budgetary requirements.  Once a date has been scheduled to start work, our approach is to expedite the remodeling process as seamlessly as possible, in order for you to enjoy your new look as soon as we can make it happen.  All the while, we try hard to not disrupt your normal household activities. 

Please take the time to browse through our website for a better understanding of who we are and what we do.  And by all means, if you feel like we are the company to trust, give us a call.  Our endeavor is to earn your trust, by the way we do business.

Thank You!


We have years of experience planning, managing, and executing construction projects of all kinds. Our team is professional and reliable, and we will work within your constraints. We always stay on the job until it's done to your satisfaction


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