ORDER ARMS LLC is a company made up of a variety of individuals that own a wide array of home repair and remodeling skills.  We all come from different areas of the United States and collectively, we have been involved with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of different home repair and remodeling projects.

The owner of the company, Phil Hartman, is from Baltimore, MD, but has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years.  He joined the United States Marine Corps after a year of college at Towson State University in Maryland.  Phil decided to dedicate a 20 year career to the service of his country and spent much of that time living in Jacksonville, NC.  He learned excellent leadership skills and organizational skills throughout his time in the service.  Upon retirement from the Marine Corps in 2003, he embarked on a second career as a skilled worker under the tutelage of Hare LLC, Home Repair and Improvement in Kinston, NC.  Since then, he has gained valuable experience in many facets of the residential repair and remodeling business.  His specialties include custom tile work, structural repair to floor systems, and drywall/paint.   

Our crew is made up of three other exemplary individuals that also embrace the concept and vision that Phil has.  And that is to provide the best service to each customer no matter what.  There is no job that we don’t take seriously and no obstacle that we can’t overcome.  Each client is treated with the same regard that we’d like to be treated to.


 Meet the CREW:

Tim Buckingham is a young, energetic “go-getter” that thrives on problem solving and creating solutions for tough to solve dilemmas.  He has grown up in Lenoir county and has done everything from working a turkey farm to running a wait staff at a well known local restaurant.  He has spent the last five plus years learning the home improvement/repair trade and has made leaps and bounds with his skill sets during that time.  He specializes in plumbing, electric and tile work.

Milton McClain hails from Connecticut and has recently relocated to eastern North Carolina.  He and his fiancee have been settling in and getting adjusted to the “down home” feel of the region.  Milton has been in the home construction and repair trade for over 25 years.  He is our strongest carpenter and has experience in all facets of that skill.  He specializes in finish carpentry and is what we consider a master at cabinetry, detailed woodwork and is meticulous to reach his finished product.  He is also an accomplished rough carpenter but prefers the finer touches.  Decks and sun rooms are also some of Milton’s  favorites.

Francis Storer, like Phil, is also a retired Marine.  He has a degree in Military History and is an avid collector of military items.  He is originally from Chicago, but has spent the best part of 30 years in and around North Carolina, living in Trenton for nearly 25 of those years.  He has developed as a trained home improvement and repair man over the past few years.  He is particularly skilled at paint/drywall and is excellent at assisting any of our crew.  His specialty is metal bending and fabrication, stemming from his military occupation. 

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